Empire's Foundation

Aalborg, Friday May 28, 1550

Of Mercers and Mages

Having resolved to go into Arhus to find the erstwhile parent of the boy Arne, the party makes short work of finding Carter street, and asking around find Yosef drunk in the “Greased Axle” public house. Hilde and Freyja take the man out and promptly duck him in the horse trough. A dwarf, the only other patron in the pub at that time of day, follows to see what is to become of the man at the hands of the two beautiful ladies.

Concerned for the man’s well being, the dwarf (whose name is Griswold Windburn) objects to any ill-treatment of the man, but his pleas for mercy are ignored by the enraged Frejya, who orders hot coffee, which Hilde provides. Yosef suitably sobered (at least enough to roll his wheel down the street), they set off for the wagon. A supper of cold chicken is had by the party, and of dried beef by the dwarf, who followed as well to ensure no undue ill treatment befell the man.

They managed to return to Arhus and secure lodgings before full dark, and set off north once again in the morning.

Upon the road, they met a strange man, Stanislas Galopin, who was apparently following a newly appeared ley line in the sky. The mage was quite genial, and explained about his work, and about the strange appearance of the magical conduit in the sky. It was pointed roughly north-south.

Leaving Stanislas to his research, the party continued to Aalborg, reaching it with plenty of time to secure accommodations. The next morning they checked in at the Guild of Mages, and learned that Stanislas had made provision for them. The coordinator of the ley line surveyors had dinner with the party in the Guild’s dining hall, and explained that they still had very little idea where it could come from or go to, or what purpose it serves.

Morelli also had a meeting with one of the mages, the local dragon specialist, who was able to communicate the concept of some sort of disease that might infect and kill or transform heroes who spend time around a well-established dragon’s horde.



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