Empire's Foundation

Adventures on the Medium-Height Seas!

July 3 - July 9, 1550

After defeating the ghouls, the party sails through Nearside and Uddevalla, making their way down the coast to Gothenburg. They spend a day there to resupply, then set the sails to go further south towards Copenhagen. A favorable wind brings them within hours of the straight of Copenhagen when they spy a strange spire rising up out of the sea.

The top of the stone spire breaks off as they watch, falling into the sea. Moments later, a slime-covered stone creature launches itself up out of the water into Leon, knocking him back onto the rail. Freyja and Melker close in on it, but it unleashes its fury upon Freyja, staggering her back as well. Then Griswold summons an elemental from the depths, while Risa and Melker’s men pelt it with attacks magical and mundane. Finally, Griswold smashes the creature to the deck, finishing it off.



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