Empire's Foundation

Forest north of Uddevalla, 4:00 AM Wednesday, June 2, 1550

Eine Kleine Nachtdiebischen

Though Morelli’s warhorse shied at first, the party managed to escape from the beast without further injury to themselves or their horses. As an added bonus, they were able to make it to the grand town of Uddevalla (population 712) by nightfall and take refuge in the only inn at the city. After purchasing just enough supplies, the party set off the next morning on the three day trek to Fredrikstad.

Round about 4:00 in the afternoon, the party then came across a yellow lizard-like creature sunning itself on a large rock in the clearing of the forest. Morelli dismounted to approach the creature, but made a sufficient quantity of noise to wake the thing, which promptly jumped up, unfolded its wings, and shouted, “Trespassers!”

A tense session of negotiation followed, during which it was agreed that the party would pay a toll of 3 gold coins per person to travel through the domain of the small bronze dragon, and that further parley shall be made with the “dragon council” if Morelli’s gift (of the magical battleaxe) proved sufficient. The dragon would also ask permission of the council to accompany the party (Morelli the gnome in particular) beyond the borders of his realm. After these negotiations, the dragon flew off with the collected toll.

The party then continued on unmolested until the evening, when they found a sheltered place out of the wind to make camp. The first watches passed uneventfully, but then it was noted that there were persons sneaking up on the group in the dark. Hilde made great use of Dancing Lights to illumine the brigands, and the party managed to beat them back into the darkness.



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