Empire's Foundation

Hamburg, May 14

So your friendly neighborhood Sorcerer-Assassin decided that it wasn’t worth it to explore the house/shop of the butcher he was supposed to scare into silence after he found a notice from the town council declaring it to be vacated and handed over to the Honourable Guild of Butchers. The party set sail, weathered two small storms and made it into Hamburg. Once there, they made contact with the harbormaster and arranged for passage on a small ship that was due in to port in about six days. Then they decided to buy some horses (which were cheap), some saddles, (which were not), provisioned up (in theory) and set off.

After an hour on the highway northeast towards Lubeck, the party turned off onto a smaller road that will take them up into Denmark. Another 3 hours and they stopped for lunch under some shade trees at a crossroad. They traveled on again for another couple hours, when they noticed their new horses getting a little jumpy. A stand of trees nearby was investigated, and the party came unexpectedly upon a shadowy figure, which leapt out of the copse and drained some strength out of the barbarian by it’s cold, ethereal touch.

However, the thing didn’t seem inclined to leave the copse of trees, and the party retreated a moderately safe distance to make a plan. They decided to experiment to find the limits of the thing’s small demesne, and in so doing Alek discovered a body under some shrubs in the midst of the trees. He then retreated to retrieve the shovel from his horse, and Freyja charged in while the shade was busy chasing Hilde.

XP for storm damage: XP for “wight fight” (so far):
Freyja: 40 20
Hildegaard: 40 20
Aleksandr: 128 152
Morelli: 96 48
Klaus: 136 18



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