Empire's Foundation

Oslo at Long Last!

The first step of a journey

And so, after two more days of travel and a (surprisingly) quite rest of the journey (except of course for the matter of a small break-in in Mos), the party has finally made it to Oslo! Hooray! They now prepare for the next leg of their journey, the arduous trek across Sweden, and then north to the land of the Elves. The next several days are spent in preparation, purchasing supplies, working out the route, hiring a guide, and resting up and researching for the trip.

While in Oslo, a message arrived for the two ladies, a plea for help from their supposed uncle, Eirik. He has been in debtor’s prison for several years, since his father’s passing, due to a large debt owed to the Lord of Oslo, Jon Nilsson Tordenstjerne from a failed investment. There exists apparently some bad blood between Jon and the elves.

For review, a quick geaneology:

Frejya, Hildegaard, and their brother James are the children of Henry, a wealthy (human) English landowner and his wife Brita, an elf from Norway. Brita and her brother Eirik and the two children of Haakon and Eva, both elves from way up north.

Map of northern Norway
Map of Southern Norway
Hexes are 20 miles across, elevations are given in the corners, each 400 feet in difference will increase travel time by
Link to market list for Oslo

Please note that this will be a hard journey, and you have already noticed some of your gear has started to look a little worn. It may be a good idea to stock up on extras/replacements before you head out. I will send out an email soon with specifics. Please take the time to read it and get prepared before we meet again so we can start on the next leg of your journey right away.



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