Empire's Foundation

The Breaking Dawn

Friday, June 20 1550

While stopping for the night between Bozen and Trient, the lads Antonio and Giuseppe are bragging about their abilities, and Marx and Walther omit certain relevant details when regaling the crowd with tales of their recent encounter with the bugbears.

This attracts the attention of Marcus, who offers them a piece of the action in a bit of “hard work” clearing off some land for his employer, who Marcus insisted remained nameless. They accept, and head out just as the sun begins to light the valley. As they march, they break off from the main road during the day and take a side road behind some hills, climbing into the mountains later in the afternoon. They make camp behind a ridge and begin drawing up plans for an early morning attack.

They move out before the next sunrise, surrounding the camp outside of a recently opened silver mine. As the first light breaks through the trees, Marcus calls for an orderly surrender from the sleeping camp. The officer in charge defies him in the name of the Duke who had given them permission to mine this land. With that, Marcus and his men charge the camp; Marx, Walther, Antonio and Giuseppe following their lead. The battle is brutal, with most of the miners armed with clubs and without armor, but finally four armored guards with real weapons emerge from the largest tent. Seeing the destruction, the captain of the camp offers surrender. Marcus growls, “You had your chance.” He and his men press on and slay the remaining miners and guards.

At the end of the day, the party walks away from the battleground with several bags of coin and gems, and a bit of trepidation about the possible consequences of their actions…



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