Empire's Foundation

The Road to Aarhus, Wednesday, May 26

After resting up, selling off loot and resupplying, the party heads north once again. On the north side of Kolding the group was stopped by bandits looking to secure funds to aid a rebellion of Norway against the “Danish Oppressors.” Upon learning that the ladies were in fact Norwegian themselves (and partly elvish to boot), they were given a letter to deliver to a member of the resistance. Upon opening it while safely ensconced in their room in Vejle, they found it was addressed to them, and invited them to join the rebellion by meeting under a certain landmark on a certain date three weeks hence. The letter was burned.

Tuesday night otherwise was spent uneventfully in Vejle, and then the next afternoon, soon after passing through Horsens they met a brightly-colored vardoo driven by an enthusiastic Frenchman selling magical wares… or so he claimed. Nothing was purchased.

Then, a couple of hours later, the party came upon an apparently abandoned wagon filled with bolts of cloth. One of the wheels was broken, and it was soon discovered that a child of about ten was “guarding” the wagon, waiting for the return of his father. The father was described as great big, with black hair and a red nose. He has been absent since mid-morning. The party waited with the child for an hour, and are beginning to grow anxious.



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