Empire's Foundation

The Search for Something Interesting

Dachau, Friday May 2, 1550

Marx, Walther and Tomas began the day discontented with the slow roll of the days, and endeavored to expand their horizons in a hopefully lucrative and exciting way. The three of them went separate directions in search of fulfillment. Walther went searching for urchins, hoping for some inside information on any petty crime rings that might be operating in the city. After a few coppers and a silver convinced a lad to talk, he came away with the name “Arne the Claw”, who has apparently been causing the lad’s father some measure of grief.

Marx went looking for someone to perhaps instruct him in the proper handling of horses. He was unable to find someone with enough time or space to do so within the city’s walls, however. Perhaps there might be opportunity outside the walls of the city where people are less busy, and more free to roam.

Tomas stumbled upon a foreign soldier’s bar. It looked a rougher place than his current lodging, the Pig, but it did have some interesting looking countrymen of his, taking advantage of the hearth hospitality of the place. He purchased them some beereakfast, and invited them to the Pig for entertainment later that evening. As he was speaking to the gentleorcs, a cloaked man walked in with a pair of earthenware jugs, delivered them to the bartender, and was paid a sizable amount of gold. Tomas, not being one to let an opportunity slip by, followed the man out of the pub, and before long was cornered with a knife pointed at his throat. He revealed that the job that he had just quit involved ghouls somehow, and that a friend of his had lost an arm in the business. e

All three meeting back at the Pig for lunch, discussed their options. A possible connection was made between “Arne the Claw” and Dortmund who had lost an arm, and the party resolved to ask Willem (the barkeep at the Gaspode) about the contents of the jar. Willem revealed that he had been contacted by a wizard named Nikolaus Bausch to act as a collection point for ghoul’s hearts. He pays 75 gp per heart delivered, and is paid a bit more by Nikolaus to collect them.

The group then went to the Mage’s Guildhall to see Herr Bausch, to hopefully obtain some information as to where ghouls might be found. They were able to make an appointment for the Saturday after next, the 10th of May at 2:00. Marx prevented Walther from causing himself injury, and they returned to the Pig once again to talk and take supper. Walther spoke with an acolyte from the cathedral who had stopped in for dinner, and learned that ghouls do not appear but in desecrated burial sites, such as forgotten battlefields or abandoned graveyards. But, he also warned, their very touch can freeze a man in his tracks.

A bit later, a swarthy, filthy pair of half-orcs wander into the Pig. They head for the bar, but Tomas heads them off and seats them at a table in one corner. He brings them ales, and then they begin a rousing conversation, touching on various subjects such as the relative beauty of various ladies in the inn, the prices of drinks, Tomas’s striking good looks, and the pointiness of Marx’s ears. They are eventually convinced to leave, and sing the health of the Pig and it’s denizens as they sway down the street.

Breakfast is lighter for Tomas the next morning than for Walther and Marx.



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