Empire's Foundation

The Trail to Fredrisktad, Thursday June 3, 1550

After burning the dead and commending their souls to whatever pagan afterlife Griswold sent them to, the party broke camp and was underway again shortly after lunch. They traveled for a few hours, but then found the cart track blocked by a recently felled tree. An invisible voice demanded that they leave all their foodstuffs and they would be allowed to keep their horses.

Freyja played her impertinent card and was rewarded with an arrow aimed at her mount. Battle ensued. It went poorly for the bandits, which were most likely the remains of the band that attacked the party the night previous. Morelli trampled one bandit to death and then managed to knife another one after he stunned himself jumping out of the tree trying to escape. The leader was left alive after he begged for mercy.

Continuing on, the party then ran across an ogre, but it missed any of the horses when it threw a spear the size of a tree, so they were able to escape on horseback quite easily. Riding again for some time, they found another spot good for camping in and prepared to stop for the night.



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