Elias Lagerlof

Warrior 1


Man-at-Arms to Melker

Nickname: Brick

Warrior 1

Str 10
Dex 8
Con 10
Int 5
Wis 8
Cha 13

Walnut brown eyes, thick, coarse auburn hair, nordic skin
Born October 18, 1534; 6’ 0" tall, 214 lbs.

Father is a fence, character may open locks and pick pockets as a 1st level Rogue.

Father and Mother both living, 1 brother and 1 sister.

Character has poor cardiovascular endurance, unable to hold breath for longer than 20 seconds, overall movement reduced by 5 ft at 4000+ feet above sea level.

Missing a toe on right foot, Balance and related Dex checks suffer -2 penalty.

Two fewer weapon proficiencies than normal.

Character is disliked by all in and around Karlstad, he is banned from all establishments except the town market.

Character is given to irresponsible spending. If a Will save (DC 18) is not made, character will lose either 20 GP, 60 SP or 100 CP to beggars, shopkeeps, guards, or con men.

Character gains +2 to Fortitude saves against poisons.

Easily fatigued. After a combat in which 5 or more attacks are made, a Fort save (DC 18) must be made. If the save fails, character must rest for 1-3 hours. If rest is not taken, all stats are reduced by 25% for the rest of the day.

Character may safe climb for a distance 10% greater than normal.

Character unable to fight with two weapons.

Hirelings in the party improve their morale by 2 if character is within 20 feet.


Elias Lagerlof

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