Hjalmar Karlsson

Warrior 1


Man-at-Arms to Melker.

Warrior 1

Str 10
Dex 12
Con 13
Int 11
Wis 16
Cha 6

walnut brown eyes, thin and greying russet brown hair, nordic skin
Born March 24, 1535; 5’-6" tall, 151 lbs.

Father is a husbandman, +2 morale for all animals in the party.

Mother and Father both living, no siblings

Bad back reduces weight allowance by 40%.

Has a 7 oz per day tobacco habit, lacking that stats are reduced by 10%, Wisdom reduced by 50%.

One extra weapon proficiency.

Cameraderie with local peasants/farmers will provide a night of lodging throughout the area, and will cut market prices by 10%

May ride a warhorse into battle, though it takes three rounds to mount a horse and a full round to dismount. Character may not ride a flying mount.

Dry and flaky skin means traveling while armored causes double travel damage.

Much time outdoors means temperatures are accounted as being one step closer to “pleasant” than normal.

Sensitivity to flashing lights mean the character will be blinded for 1d4 rounds if a dark environment (up to torchlight) is suddenly brightly lit.

Poor confidence means character must make a Wisdom check before entering a market or other public space.


Hjalmar Karlsson

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