Leon Hjertsson

Warrior 1


Man-at-Arms to Melker

Warrior 1

Str 13
Dex 10
Con 11
Int 13
Wis 10
Cha 9

Sea green eyes; thick coarse tawny hair and nordic skin
Born October 6, 1534; 5’ 4" tall, 156 lbs

Father is a fisherman, may catch 2 lbs of fish per day with a line or 4-40 lbs of fish per day with a net (given suitable conditions).

Father and mother still alive, along with father’s mother. No siblings

Bad back reduces weight allowance by 20%

Character has 8 oz per day tobacco habit. Without this amount, all character’s stats are reduced by 10%, except Wisdom which is at 50%

Character has contacts with the merchant’s guild, may move goods into the city toll free.

If sampling an addictive substance, character must make a Wisdom check or become addicted (1 oz per day)

Resistant to diseases from plants, severity reduced by one degree.

Unusually low fertility, -4 to pregnancy rolls.

+1 to hit with grenade like missiles, +3 to break thrown objects

Shooting or throwing at long range only incurs a -2 penalty to attack.

Wisdom is considered to be a 7 where responsibility is involved.


Leon Hjertsson

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