Melker Hölmstrom

Fighter 1


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Fighter 1
Str 16
Dex 15
Con 15
Int 14
Wis 15
Cha 14

Steel blue eyes, thick straight sandy brown hair, nordic skin.
Born January 20, 1532; 18 years old
6’-1" – 184 lbs

Father is a fisherman, may catch 2 lbs per day with a line, or 4-40 lbs of fish per day with a net (given adequate conditions). Mother was a tutor, may read and write, character gains one Cleric sage specialty.

Father and mother both alive, along with father’s parents. 6 sisters and one brother.

Until reaching 2nd level, Melker may only run for 3 rounds before having to stop for one round to catch his breath.

Mother also process a skill.

Gained the trust of 4 men-at-arms, with a morale of 8. They will cost 18 gp per month (each).

Character gains +1 to Initiative checks

Susceptible to colds – Exposure to rain or snow during travel will cause cold symptoms, and double travel damage.

Character fatigues easily – after any combat in which 5 or more attacks are made, Melker must make a Fortitude save (DC 18). If save fails, character must rest for 1d3 hours, or all stats will be reduced by 25% for the rest of the day.

Character is+1 to hit with grenade like weapons (oil flasks and the like) and gains +3 to attempts to break thrown objects.

Character takes a Standard Action to draw or find a weapon due to poor reflexes.

Hirelings in the character’s party have their morale improved by 1 if Melker is within 40 ft.

Melker Hölmstrom

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