Sorcerer 1


Statistics of Ran’s Wave (Risa’s ship):

Two-masted sloop, 35 ft. long, carries 26 tons; min. 1 crew, 1 stateroom, speed 8 knots

This ship is essentially identical to Joshua Slocum’s Spray visually and physically.

The Hull has 3 Defensive Points, the fore-mast has 2 Defensive Points, and the mizzen-mast has 2 Defensive points. There are two hard-points (one on the port side, one on the starboard) for mounting weaponry such as small ballistae or light catapults.

Speeds under full sail:
Running: 7 knots
Reaching 8 knots
Close Hauled: 2 knots

Speeds under battle sail:
Running: 2 knots
Reaching 3 knots
Close Hauled: 1 knot



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