Empire's Foundation

Calais, May 5
The Wolf's Den

After recieving the prize money for the Beast of Calais, the party went shopping. Morelli went off on errands, promising to meet the party at the ship before it sailed. Freja and co went to the shipping office to confirm details about their transport, and inform Alek about his duties aboard ship. After which, the actual shopping happened.

Upon returning to the inn, the innkeeper (William) had a letter that had been dropped off for Freja. It seemed to indicate a business deal, to be discussed at a certain address just before sundown. Freja and Hilde went to scope out the place, and then returned to the inn. Meanwhile, Alek returned to the inn and found Klaus waiting for the ladies to return. They discussed the events of the last day over a brief dinner, and then Klaus and Freja went to the house to see about the business deal, leaving Alek in charge of Hilde.

It turned out to be a small-time crook and would-be crime lord, offering Freja either a job or a reparation fee for wounding one of his men and the little girl. Freja refused, and fought the thieves to a standstill, and won reparation money of her own. Klaus took the brunt of the damage, and after a quick jaunt to the cathedral, all was (relatively) well.

Freja XP: 520
Klaus XP: 536

Calais, May 4
Two Different Wolves

After leaving the shipping office, Morelli and Freja were lured down an alley by the sound of a young girl crying for help. They were attacked by a thief and his young accomplice, both of whom received grievous wounds before escaping.

At the inn, Hilde swooned over the talents of the performing bard and sought lessons, which said bard was happy to provide after dinner in his room. Klaus was invited. The bard made other arrangements.

During dinner, the whole group overheard the local denizens talking of the doings of some beast or other ravaging the countryside, attacking and killing innocent women and children, as well as lone farmers. Freja asked the cleric at the Eglise Notre-Dame about the doings, and was told that the Bishop de Graneville had offered a prize of 300 francs to anyone who would bring the beast to heel.

Plans were made with the assistance of Klaus, whose father was a woodsman and experienced with wolves. The next morning the party set out after Alek had been healed and had purchased a new collar. Leaving the town and the marsh that surrounded it behind, they headed for the road where the last attack occurred, and by chance the wolf fell upon them. It was a grizzled beast, and roughed up poor Alek some, but the steel gorget he had purchased no doubt saved his neck. They brought the beast back to the cathedral, and the parish priest (sorry, revised from archdeacon) promised them the gold on the morrow. The carcass was left in the care of the adventurers.

The adventure will resume as the group is leaving the cathedral, gold in hand, about 9:00 am, Wednesday, May 5, 1550. They are due to sail out of Calais for (eventually) Hamburg tomorrow, Thursday May 6 at 11 bells.

Dover, May 3

They dilly-dallied around for about an hour with exhuming, examining, and excavating a new grave for the body that a gnome came up the road behind them, also from Canterbury. He introduced himself as Morelli Grimsbane, and Freyja (who is the defacto group leader) agreed to allow him to travel with them at least as far as Calais.

They reached Dover without further incident, arranged passage on the ferry for late the next morning, and had dinner at the White Horse Inn. After dinner, Freyja snuck out of her room while Hildegaard played for the patrons in the tavern. She wandered down to the docks, found some taverns, bought some drinks, and came away with some interesting information about the German eagle, the Hanseatic League, and trade relations across the North Sea.

They sailed the next day, a few of them losing coin to Klaus in cards and dice while on the boat, and hit shore just after 1:00 (the winds were extremely favourable). The last thing that was settled was negotiating passage on a ship bound for Hamburg setting sail three days hence. I rolled the random encounter dice, and there will be opportunity for more XP for the group the next time we meet. Oh, that was just Freyja and Morelli at the shipping office, Alek, Hilde, and Klaus went to find lunch.

May 2nd
Out of Canterbury


XP received:
Freya: 88
Hilde: 20
Aleksandr; 176
Klaus: 50

In-game start time: 9:00 am
In-game end time: 10:35 am

Weather: brisk, overcast, with a light breeze.

Location of party: Watling Street, 4 miles SSE of Canterbury.


The party left the walls of Canterbury at 9:00 am, heading south for Dover. They aim to find passage from there unto Calais, and from there a ship to Oslo.

Monsters encountered: 3 Dire Rats, while fighting over unidentified detritus. Alek rushed to the fore and smote strongly a rat, then was savaged on his legs by the rats, Freya pierced two of the rats with arrows and slew them. Hilde played her lute while the rats were killed.


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