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Saving throws (or “saves” in common parlance) are a special type of ability check made to avoid unpleasant consequences or certain types of damage. There are 4 kinds of saves: Fortitude Saves, Agility Saves, Willpower Saves, and Magic Saves. To roll a save a d20 is rolled and compared against 17 minus the two relevant ability score modifiers for that save, minus any bonuses gained from being a high enough level. If the result on the die is higher than the character’s saving throw number, the save is made. If not, the character must suffer the full consequences of whatever circumstances called for the save.

Fortitude Saves

Fortitude saves (or “fort saves”) are made to avoid contracting diseases, endure pain or other physical stress, or resist poisons; anything that deals directly with the physical body of a character. Fortitude is based on Strength and Constitution.

Agility Saves

Agility saves (or reflex saves) are made to avoid falling objects, avoid area effect spells, make certain catches or grab things from the air. Anytime quick action is called for to avoid damage. Often when agility saves are called for a character will be diving or springing away from location and ending in another a short distance away. Agility is based on Dexterity and Wisdom

Willpower Saves

Willpower saves (or will saves) are called for when temptation or mental energy are required to avoid ill effects. These things might include resisting mind control, fear effects, and disbelieving illusions. Willpower is based on Wisdom and Intelligence.

Magic Saves

A magic saving throw will be called for to resist spells and spell-like effects not adequately dealt with by Fortitude or Agility saves. Magic saves are based on Intelligence and Charisma.

Saving Throws

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