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Below are the XP tables by class.

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Level Fighter Cleric Rogue Wizard
1 0 0 0 0
2 2,000 1,000 1,500 750
3 5,000 3,000 3,750 2,250
4 9,000 6,000 6,750 4,500
5 14,000 10,000 10,500 7,500
6 20,000 15,000 15,000 11,250
7 27,000 21,000 20,250 15,750
8 35,000 28,000 26,250 21,000
9 44,000 36,000 33,000 27,000
10 54,000 45,000 40,500 33,750
11 65,000 55,000 48,750 41,250
12 77,000 66,000 57,750 49,500
13 90,000 78,000 67,500 58,500
14 104,000 91,000 78,000 68,250
15 119,000 105,000 89,250 78,750
16 135,000 120,000 101,250 90,000
17 152,000 136,000 114,000 102,000
18 170,000 153,000 127,500 114,750
19 189,000 171,000 141,750 128,250
20 209,000 190,000 156,750 142,500

Explanation of the combat XP system:

The old system demanded a highly subjective declaration of the value of a creature’s ability, which was then assigned a flat number (CR) based largely on the creature’s hit dice. It did not matter that the creature never got to use its particular ability before it died, or that the ability was pretty much useless against a party that were all armed with magic weapons or silver weapons or none of which were spellcasters (thus magic resistance is pretty much meaningless). It did not matter that a dire bear never hit with both claws and got the opportunity to maul. Nor did it matter that a dragon got lucky with its breath weapon or that players on this occasion consistently failed their saving throws against ghouls, whose X.P. bonus is rather paltry as they have only 2 hit dice. It was expected that the DM would make another subjective call in this situation and decide what experience to award in light of these instances.

With this new system, however, if the mage insists on hanging around in the back, they might get some experience for getting a few spells off, but they're not going to get any bonuses for being damaged. This works for me in a mental kind of sense—if you as a person were afraid of being hit with a sword, and you perpetually hid from the possibility, then you would be ignorant of how to take the hit, or that the hit was not as bad as you thought (ie., it didn't kill you). The opposite of ignorance is experience. The system itself: XP is rewarded based on individual effort and sacrifice in combat. 10 points are awarded to a character per point of damage dealt. 20 points are awarded to a character per point of damage suffered. A further 20 points are split among the group per point of damage received. 1 XP per GP worth of treasure seized is awarded to the primary characters. Henchmen receive 1/2 shares of the "group" damage received XP, and 1/2 of the "loot" XP received by the primary character. Hirelings receive 1/4 shares of damage and loot XP.

Additional sources of Experience:

Spellcasters ought to gain experience through practicing their craft. For each successful spell cast, the caster receives 20 times the level of spell in XP, or the standard damage caused XP reward, whichever is greater. 0 level spells count as 1/2 level for this purpose. If a non-direct damage causing spell causes an enemy to become injured (such as a blinded monster falling off a cliff), the character receives the spell XP reward and the damage XP reward. This number is a reflection of the fact that a spellcaster can cast spells every day, and thus earn XP every day, while combats occur with much less reliability. Risk vs. Reward economics, of a sort. In addition to imparting a better skill modifier, each time a skill gains an experience bonus, the character receives an XP reward equal to the new experience bonus times 100.


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XP Tables

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