Behold, the future is yours to create!

In the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty, a new generation of adventurers are raised. They hail from the City of Canterbury, in the county of Kent, in the Kingdom of England. Into the wide, wild world they stepped, into a future they themselves will shape.

Meanwhile, in a small city in Upper Bavaria in the Holy Roman Empire, another band of adventurers comes together, to seek their fortune and make a place for themselves in the wide world.

This is the Foundation of an Empire.

Game Style:

Greetings and welcome to the public face of the campaign. We are currently open to new players, so if you are in the Kansas City area and interested in joining us, please take a look around and send me (Greenbeard) a message if you’d like to join up.

We play on an every-other week schedule on Tuesday nights, roughly 6-10 pm in a face-to-face game. The campaign style is an open-ended sandbox using a heavily modified version of the 3.5 edition ruleset. The current party is located in Upper Bavaria, and has not so far committed themselves to any long-term goal.

The biggest rule in my game is this: The Party comes first. This is a cooperative game, and as such I insist on the cohesion of the party. I really don’t care overmuch what the Party does, as long as a majority is on board for it, and consideration is made for the dissenters. I allow no PvP, in either combat or otherwise. I run a tough game, and if the Party doesn’t trust each other and work together, there is little chance of victory.

What does victory mean in a sandbox game? Victory means survival, achieved goals, thriving in a hostile environment. Nothing will be handed out on a silver platter, all that is sought must be earned. However, there is much in the world to do, many goals that might be set, achieved, abandoned, changed. It is a living world, full of separate agendas, many of which will be at cross-purposes. Exploit the competing agendas, win wealth, power, respect, and at the same time earn enemies, challengers, and allies. The world is open to your mark, all you have to do is to make it.

Empire's Foundation

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