Empire's Foundation

Road to Rome

Wednesday, June 18, 1550

Marx and Tomas return to Dachau as soon as possible. They meet up again with Walther, regaling him of the harrowing tale of Tomas’s rush to and from Dachau to get the money to pay the clerics to cure the disease that Marx got, and the agonizing wait for a sufficiently powerful cleric to come to Munich.

At the end of May (and the end of the free room and board at the Pig), the party decides to make it’s way south to Rome, to see what trouble they might stir up there.

The trip is largely uneventful (though beautiful) through the alps. Until, that is, they are making their way through a pass down to Bozen, a small group of hairy, burly, humanoids rushes down from the rocky peaks and attacks the small group of wagons that the party happened to be passing at that moment.

The Bugbears (as the party will later learn upon making inquiry in Bozen) open with a volley of javelins, and then half their number close with Marx and Walther, as well as the two guards the wagons had with them. It quickly becomes apparent that these raiders are too much for the caravan guards and the party, and they break ranks, leaving the wagons (and horses harnessed to the wagons) to the depredations of the bugbears.

Once in Bozen the party takes a rest from it’s harrowing travels to heal, resupply, and hire some extra muscle. A few days of advertising they decide to hire Antonio and Giuseppe, a pair of local bruisers looking to get out of town and willing to take 15 gp a month to carry a sword.



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