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A called shot is a full round action that targets a specific part of an opponent’s body. Called shots may be declared against any non-amorphous corporeal opponent.
To perform a called shot, a player first declares his intention to call the shot (called “Calling the Shot”). Then an attack roll is made against the defender’s normal AC. If successful, he then rolls the called shot percentage, which is 5% for every point of Base Attack Bonus of the attacker, minus the amount given on the table on the right if the called out body part is covered by the armor.

If the attacker rolls over the Called Shot Percentage he misses, is overbalanced, and cannot attack next round. If he rolls under the percentage he deals max damage and refers to the following table:
Other effects may occur based on local conditions. Please note that when max damage is done, there is a good chance that the recipient will be wounded. This will compound with the effects from the table above.

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Called Shots

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