Detect Slime

Improves forewarning through scent recognition of puddings, oozes and jellies when they approach. The skill does not apply to slimes, molds or metamorphs.

When the character moves to within 20 feet of one of these creature forms, the character should make a constitution check, even if the creature cannot be seen (provided that the barrier between creature and character is not air-tight). Success will indicate to the character’s nose has detected the form of the creature (whether it is a pudding, an ooze or a jelly), but not the exact species. The character will have a general sense of where the creature is located (ahead, above, below, beneath the floor, located inside a box or chest, etcetera).

The ability in itself will not indicate the exact distance if the creature’s location is out of sight, nor will it improve the character’s ability to see the creature if it is hidden. The only special information that is given is the creature’s odour.

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Detect Slime

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