Predict Emergence

Foretells the impending appearance of a sea or lake creature swimming up through the water, about to break the surface. If the character is aware and within sight of the point of emergence (3 feet x the length or height of the creature), the event will make itself evident due to the heaving of water, the appearance of bubbles or other potential signs (movement of sea birds, glimpses of passage underwater, etcetera).

Creatures as small as medium-sized can be predicted – however, smaller creatures offer less warning. See the table on the left for the forewarning the character is given before the creature breaks the surface.

Guessing from size and other signals, the character should be able to predetermine the appearance of whales, sharks, kraken, giant turtles and humanoids – but beyond those, the character will know no more than the actual size of the creature.

Note that the ability cannot be employed in circumstances where waves have begun to crest (appearance of white foam) – a strong breeze or more.

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Predict Emergence

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