This ritual banishes an individual from a community for crimes against that community. It removes the status of “Inducted” from that individual, and marks him or her permanently to the eyes of Druids as banished.

An individual Banished from a community will be effectively invisible and silent to the members of the community (the Druid excepted), as long as no aggressive actions are taken (such as theft or assault) directly against the community or its members. Other communities will be able to see and interact with that individual normally. A member of the banishing community will not see or hear the banished individual, even if encountered in another location such as a nearby town.

A Banished individual will feel an urge to leave the community, and will be sickened (receive a -2 to skill checks, attacks, damage and saves) as long as they remain, as well as suffering the psychological effects of being ignored by the former community.

Banishment may only be removed by an Atonement ritual attended by the chiefs of the banishing community.

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