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On a relaxed day (one without travel or combat) a character need only eat 1 lb of food and drink 2 liters of water. On a travel day, 2 lbs and 3 liters of water must be consumed. On a day in which combat occurs, 3 lbs and 5 liters of water must be consumed. For every 4 strongly alcoholic drinks, an extra liter of water must be consumed to avoid dehydration. Food consumed must be split (somewhat) evenly between Carbs, Greens, and Proteins. Some variation is acceptable, but continued avoidance of a particular class of food will affect ability scores.

The consequences of not eating are severe. The effects of dehydration are worse.
For every day that a character fails to eat the required amount of any type of food, at the end of the day he must make a Constitution Check for each column on the starvation table that is missed. A failed check indicates the ability damage listed for that day takes effect, and no more checks are required for that day. On a successful check, no damage is taken, but if the character undertakes any strenuous action (combat, spellcasting, traveling for more than a mile, etc.) he must make a second Con check, and must do so every hour that strenuous actions occur until a check fails.

This damage is temporary, and heals at the rate of 1 point per day per ability after the character resumes a normal diet; however, restoration magic will not restore the ability damage until the character has had a restored food intake for two days.

When food is scarce, food may be rationed, and the day schedule extended on an equivalent basis. For example, eating half a day’s worth of food each day will advance the table at half rate; or put another way, two days at half rations counts for one day on the starvation table. Or, three days with combat with 1 lb of food a day will be two days on the table.

Water is a slightly different concern. Starting 24 hours after the last water is consumed, a character must begin making Constitution checks every hour to delay the onset of dehydration. Upon a failed check, the condition for the days lacking takes effect. These effects will advance quickly if care is not taken. The next effects will take place after 12 hours if travel is undertaken, and after 8 hours where a combat occurs. The effects of dehydration are cumulative. Thus, someone on day 4 of dehydration will be at a single action per round, will move at half speed, Str and Dex will be at -6, and will suffer an additional -2 to attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, skills, and ability checks.

Shaken: -2 Attack, -2 Saves, -2 Skills, -2 Ability Checks
Sickened: -2 Attack, -2 Damage, -2 Saves, -2 Skills, -2 Ability Checks
Fatigued: Unable to run, -2 Str, -2 Dex
Exhausted: Move at half speed, -6 Str, -6 Dex
Disabled: Single action per round, move at half speed

Recovering from dehydration occurs twice as fast as suffering the effects while resting, but requires at least 1 liter more water per day than normal. Thus, a character Disabled from lack of water will be merely fatigued after resuming normal fluid intake, and completely well after another day of rest and hydration. If traveling during the recovery period, only 1 day is restored at a time. If combat occurs and the character gets 7 liters of water, he maintains his position, but does not recover that day.

In addition, extra water must be consumed while enduring extreme heat. For every category above Warm (See Weather), one extra liter of water must be consumed each day.

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