Injuries and Wounds

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Suffering large amounts of damage all at once is traumatic, and as such there are two states that reflect this trauma that might be inflicted upon a character.

The first is (though not alphabetically) Wounded.

Any time a character receives 11 or more points of damage in a single attack, be it spell or sword, that character will begin to bleed (or otherwise lose hit points) at a rate of 1 per round for each multiple of 11 that the character suffered. If a character sustained a blow that inflicted 24 points of damage in a single strike, the following round the character would lose 2 HP.

This loss of HP can be stopped by either magical healing (spell or healing salve), or by binding the wound so that it stops bleeding. Binding a wound requires a length of cloth (either a bandage or other improvised dressing), and it takes three rounds to properly dress a wound so that it stops bleeding. The wound is considered stopped on the first round that the bandage is applied, but if the process is interrupted the wound will begin bleeding again if the bandaging is not finished.

The second condition is that of Injured.

If a character suffers enough damage in a single blow to drop them from more than half their hit points into negative hit points (as long as the total damage is 12 or more), the character is Injured. Each multiple of 12 damage that is suffered comes to 1 injury point. For each injury point accumulated, 10 points of healing are required to add 1 HP.

Example: Albert is a 7th level cleric with 42 hit points. While climbing up the side of a mountain, Albert slips and falls, taking a total of 46 points of damage. This reduces Albert’s hit points to -4, all at once. And because the damage sustained is more than half his total, Albert is injured. Because he is at -4 hit points, he must roll to see if he is conscious (see Negative Hit Points). Albert makes a wisdom check, as described on the Death and Dying page, and fails by rolling a 14.

From the fall, Albert is also wounded, which means that he has injured himself in some way that he is suffering -4 hp damage per round from the 46 damage he received. If he were laying on the ground all alone, he would bleed out and be dead in two rounds – and there is nothing Albert can do about this, because he is unconscious. However, lucky for Albert, he fell near to Erick, a 1st level paladin, who quickly runs to Albert’s side and lays hands for 2 hp as soon as he can. He can’t quite get there before Albert bleeds for one round, now reduced to -8 hit points. However, the bleeding is stopped and Albert’s life is saved.

Albert is not, however, restored to -6 hit points by Erick’s laying on of hands. Albert was injured. He sustained a 3-point injury . . . so to be restored to -7 hit points (one above the score he has right now), Albert must gain a total of 30 points of healing. Erick has given him 2. Albert needs 28 more. Once Albert has been restored to -7 hit points, he can begin healing damage normally.

This damage can be restored either by magical means, or by normal resting and recovery, though that will take some time (4 days of total rest, since Albert is 7th level). At which point he will regain hit points normally, but simply through resting it will take another week before he is back up to full hit points. If Albert were lower level, it could take much much longer.

Injuries and Wounds

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