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Hit Points

Hit points may be regained by resting (no traveling or strenuous action undertaken) for 24 hours solid. Healing spells may be cast, but no other spells, and no spells may be prepared, for this is too strenuous of a sustained action to aid rest.

For each 24 hour period rested (defined as undertaking no more strenuous activity than strolling around town), 1 BU is restored under normal circumstances. If the character has suffered an injury, 3 HP are counted towards the injury’s requirement. For each whole week rested, an extra d6 plus Con hit points are regained by the injured character.


In order to regain spells, a character must get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and then study/meditate/pray for ten minutes for each level of spell that are to be regained. For every hour of sleep beyond 6, the time to regain spells is reduce by 1 minute, to a minimum of 5 minutes per spell level.

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